Mobile device or automated paper based data capture (no transcription required) that provides reliable, accurate, and timely data. Direct observation with immediate feedback is recognized as the Gold Standard for hand hygiene audits.

Much more than a compliance tracking system, identify opportunities for improvement and target education to what and where it is needed.


  • Capture Barriers and Factors that influence hand hygiene and technique to identify opportunities for improvement
  • High quality data with improved timeliness and reporting accuracy
  • Consistent data collection and reporting across multiple sites
  • Results are immediately available for instant feedback
  • Customizable reporting by Facility, Unit, HCP, and Program allows you to identify and target problem areas to reduce infections and associated costs


  • Customizable Facility, Unit, HCP, and Barriers lists
  • Support for additional data elements as required
  • Support for 4 or 5 moments of Hand Hygiene System
  • Automated one button Analysis and Reporting
  • Multiple data collection and entry streams to accommodate workflow
  • Enables and simplifies consolidated reporting for different facilities requiring different data capture tools
  • Web based Analysis and Reporting Portal
  • Dashboard for viewing results at a glance
  • Detailed drill through reports for snapshot and trending performance
  • Export data for further analysis
  • One Button MoH Reporting

Reduce Costs

  • Eliminates cost of transcription time and associated errors
  • Identify and target problem areas to reduce infections and associated costs
  • Save time and free up precious resources for higher value tasks


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